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CABOCHON; A flat bottomed cut stone usually oval or round measured in millimeters and are usually calibrated (that is cut to a spicific length and with as specified by the jewelry industry)) a few stones such as turquoise are most often cut free form to make best use of the rough gem stone.

The following is a partial list of the many thousands of cabochons that we usually stock. If you have any questions or needs please feel free to contact us.

ADVENTURINE green speckled hardness about 8 good for jewelry calibrated sizes, small stones $2-$7.50 14x18@$2.00, 22x30@$4.00

AGATE Probably the most abundant of all the cabochons, many colors and sizes, most stones are calibrated 4x5 to 30x40mm you must see or asks for spacifics.$2.00-$7.50.

AGATE, CRAZY LACE some 38mm round, 30x40mm @$7.50




AGATE, HEARTS 12mm cut both sides drilled on top, red jasper, jade, rose quartz.$2.50ea

AGATE, HOLLY BLUE Very unusual hard to find, lovely blue color only 3 stones available 13X18 7.5 CARROTS @15.00CT = $112.50, 8X13 3.10 CARROTS = $46.50, 8X12 2.3 CARROTS = $34.50

AGATE, MOSS. Variety of nice tendrils in clear agate, calibrated sizes .$2.00-$7.50 AGATES CABS MIXED 30x40@$7.50




AMETHYST nice clean cabs good purple color, calibrated, smaller stones $1.00ct. BLOOD STONE, green with some small red specks. 25mm @ $4.00, 30mm @ $6.00


CHRYSOCOLLA From Morenci AZ. LIGHT blue smaller stones mostly free forms a couple of 30x40@$10.00, other wise .35cts/CT.

FIRE AGATE 4 nice stones free form, not quite round or oval very good color flash


HEMATITE nice black, 18x25 @ $3.50, some smaller stones @ $2.00-$3.00 IOLITE small stones purplish color @ $1.50ct

JADE, green, LIGHT blue, white, tan, many sizes 8x10-30x40mm $3.00-$7.50, 13x18 @ 5.00


JASPER, RED nice relish color,  various sizes $2.00-$7.50

JASPER,PICTURE many small sizes and shapes nice scenes a must see $2.00-$20.00


LAPIS Free forms square and rectangle,  some cabs small, $10-25.00 ea.

MALACHITE, mostly free form, $2.00-$20.00, .20 CT.

LEOPARD SKIN, 40x50 mm $8.00 each OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE, MAHOGANY,  8X10 $2.00,  30X40 $7.50 Onyx, BLACK good polish calibrated sizes mostly large,  30x40



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